Dark History & Horror Con 2018 @ Garden Hotel Urbana
Nov 16 – Nov 18 all-day
Dark History & Horror Con 2018 @ Garden Hotel Urbana | St. Louis | Missouri | United States

Amy and her husband John will be attending Dark History & Horror Con 2018. Books and merchandise will be available at her table.

The Dark History & Horror Convention is an annual event founded by Brian L Ward in 2014, that showcasing the darker side of history, horror genre entertainment, the paranormal, artwork, authors, comics, and all things dark and creepy! We are excited to include a new film festival as part of our event beginning with our 2018 season.

We do this by bringing together a great collection of authors, artists and numerous others who are intimately familiar with these events and their effects. Join us as we bring together like minded individuals and create a network of friends and connections to share our passion for the darker side history and pop culture.

We do not try to glorify any of these people or the events!! They are however part of our culture and history, a part that is very important for us to remember and even learn from. True crime, gangsters, serial killers, spree killers, assassinations, public enemies, women’s suffrage, the civil rights struggles, Native massacres, tragic events and just about anything not covered in the “history books”.