The Shadows Trilogy

  Colt Henderson is a man who lives for the moment. His past has taught him that life is unpredictable and often disappointing. A confirmed bachelor, he believes that love only exists in fairy tales.

She’s lost, scared, and can’t remember a thing about her past or her identity. Because of her status as a Jane Doe, she names herself Jane and works to put her life back together. In the process she learns that she possesses unique abilities that certain people will kill for.

Fate throws Colt and Jane together. Colt’s determination and Jane’s remarkable gifts will send them on a journey they never expected.

Jump into this award-winning series of adventure, romance, and the exceptionally gifted.


Somewhere Within

 With her raven-black hair, porcelain-white skin, and shy demeanor, Zoey Mills has been the target of bullies since childhood, no matter how many times her family moved. She expects nothing to change when they relocate to Havenwood Falls, her parents’ hometown. What she doesn’t expect is to discover that she inherited her eccentricities—as the next generation of a long line of frost dragons.



Flames Among The Frost

Jetta Mills has felt stifled most of her life. She’s a rebellious creative who’s had to bend to her father’s will, as well as the rules of her hometown Havenwood Falls. Needing a break from it all, she skips town for an adventure far from the smothering influences she’s used to. Unfortunately, trouble always has a way of finding Jetta, and she quickly learns that the best place for a frost dragon shifter such as herself is back within the warded borders of home.
When Conrad Monroe is hired to find a thief and bring her back to face justice, the trail leads him to the Colorado mountains and the path of Jetta Mills. She’s gorgeous, talented, and a whole lot of trouble. He doesn’t know what he’s getting into with Jetta and the town she calls home. Jetta has no idea that Conrad has quite a few secrets of his own.
Jetta’s seeking real freedom while Conrad’s planning to lock her away. But sparks fly between the two as the line between deceit and truth quickly becomes blurred. When the smoke clears, the truth may be the only real path to redemption.



Blood & Iron

Miranda Saunders has spent her 16 years playing by the rules. She’s known for her impeccable style, good grades, and overall positive influence in Havenwood Falls. But in the vampire community, she’s an oddity. Born a vampire, from a situation deemed impossible, Miranda’s origins are an enigma to everyone. When a photo surfaces that brings up questions about her long-lost father, she is determined to find the answers. That search lands her directly in the path of trouble—fellow vampire Kai Reynolds.
Recently graduated from Havenwood Falls High, Kai is tired of being told how to behave. Ready to break out of the mold he’s been cast in by his parents and the town’s supernatural leaders, he becomes a prospect for the SIN motorcycle club—something his parents loathe.
But when he catches Miranda snooping around the clubhouse, he has to choose: turn her in and prove his loyalty to the club or help her find the answers she’s looking for. If they work together, they’re both taking risks far more dangerous than they understand. And the mystery surrounding Miranda’s father is only the beginning.



Ulterior Motives

Despite being wealthy, Ellie Manchester has had a rough life. She witnessed her mothers murder at age seven, but did not see the man responsible. Plagued by nightmares, and a drunken father, Ellie has grown up to believe that she can only rely on herself. When her father dies in an accident, she becomes an heiress of sorts… and a target.
Tanner Paxton was a tough and tumble kid who turned his penchant for getting into fights into a successful security business. He loves his work but does not have time for much else, especially relationships. When he is hired to protect Ellie, against her will, he not only finds himself embroiled in dangerous chaos, but falling in love with the most stubborn and beautiful woman he has ever met. But love may be a weakness that can get them both killed.

“What an amazing story! I loved the way this story was told from a narrator’s point of view, so we get all points of view at once. When you want to know Lindsey and Jayson’s deepest thoughts, Amy Hale does a fabulous job of telling it through the letters that they pass back and forth. This book had comedy, unrequited love, passion. It was so full of everything you would want in a book! I adored the way Hale wrote this story and kept the pace of the book moving. I think I read it in 2 days, simply because I didn’t want to put it down! The flow of the book was great, the characters beyond believable. I sincerely enjoyed this read and look forward to other books from Amy Hale!!”

Your Favorite Book Corner

Book Blogger, Your Favorite Book Corner Blog

“Hale’s writing grabbed me by my collar and pulled me into Jane and Colt’s continued adventure. I felt compelled to read the book as fast as I could, and I’m pretty sure I finished it within forty-eight hours. Hale left me on edge as I turned each page with an anxious need to know how Jane would navigate through the maze of mystery that is SOD. I thoroughly enjoyed reading SOD, and gladly give it five stars.”

Krihstin Zink

Author, Krihstin Zink Books

“Amy Hale has built a world with blocks so basic but has made them so magical that they shine. Her writing style is exquisite.  The book was just as beautiful as the cover, a wonderful representation of the unknown. The dialog between the Jane and Colt Henderson were dynamic and they made a great book couple. Readers will not be disappointed!!!”

Gladys Gonzales

Blogger/PA, Nerd Girl Offical